About Us

Amidst the COVID-19 National Emergency, we—the team at FABER Liquors—have shifted our usual operations to produce much-needed hand sanitizer in the same 1L glass bottles we have been filling with spirits for over 8 years.

It's no secret, we are beverage manufacturers first; so when the challenge presented itself to make massive amounts of sanitizer for those in need, we turned to our partners and used our existing connections and knowledge to create portable bottles for personal use. Simply put, our sanitizer was created in a time of pure adaptation. With the recommended formulation released by the World Health Organization, we have produced an 80% alcohol antiseptic, non-sterile hand sanitizer for topical use.

!!! #DoNotDrink !!!

In addition to supporting first responders with hand sanitizer, 2 percent of each sale will go to support the First Responders Children's Foundation mission of supporting first responders and their families.

When we started this accidental segment of our business, our top priority was to produce enough supply to support local hospitals, health-care facilities, first responders & grocery stores. Now, we are proud to be able to offer this product to you for personal use.

Stay well.
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