Why THOSE bottles for sanitizer?
Simple! Our first priority was shifting gears, and doing what we could with what we had on hand. We called on our existing connections within the beverage industry to utilize the packaging stock and machinery we used prior to COVID-19, in order to get hand sanitizer to the American people as immediately as possible. The intent for our product is to be used in a personal receptacle (such as a spray bottle) to dispense quickly and evenly while you are making your essential trips out of the house.

Is this a gel?
No. Our sanitizer is of liquid consistency.
See below for suggestions on how to apply.
Why does it smell like liquor?
As producers of liquor, we use ethanol to create our hand sanitizer. In following the WHO recommendations & FDA guidelines for distillery production during this National Emergency: we have been called on to produce this without the presence of gels or fragrances. (They simply aren't allowed!) This also calls for 80% alcohol—so yes—it's strong! It also contains hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, and purified water. #DONOTDRINK
How do I use it?
Dispense with a spray bottle, or poured directly over your hands.
Wet hands thoroughly with product and allow to dry without wiping.
For children under 6, use only under adult supervision.
Not recommended for infants.
Why isn't it shipping from PA?
To distribute this product as efficiently as possible, we are utilizing fulfillment centers across the USA. We are a hometown distillery—and as such, have called on some bigger partners to help with getting FABER Sanitizer across the country.

More questions?
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