We love your orange vodka and now we have your sanitizer.
Thank you for being there for us during the fun nights and busy days.
–Leslie from Facebook
It's amazing how you guys whipped up some hand sanitizer
in a jiffy—because there is absolutely none anywhere,
and soap & water isn't always an option.
–Johanna from Facebook
Thank you FABER Liquors for quickly
adjusting to the needs of your consumers!
–Charlotte from Facebook
Very proud to be a customer. Cracked open the citrus and
orange vodkas this past week. OMG, fantastic.
Can't wait til you reopen. Job well done on the hand sanitizers!
Mine is in my car for those essential trips out 😊.

–Leslie from Facebook

Nice work guys! I’m really happy you shifted to sanitizer
to help out the community; however I can’t wait until you're back open.
(Running low on Whiskey and Vodka).
–Matt from Facebook